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Improve Air Quality

Why Is This a Priority?

Residents said that improving air quality, by reducing pollutants in the air is important to our health and economy. We can reduce emissions and improve our environment by providing more choices in how and where we live, get around, and develop our communities.

How Do We Get There?

  • Increase collaboration among local academic, business and government entities.
  • Communicate the connection between air quality and public health.
  • Remove black carbon from diesel construction equipment.
  • Monitor the economics of renewable energy resources and encourage new private-public partnerships.
  • Create incentives to increase use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in new and existing buildings and vehicles.
  • Reduce energy consumption by increasing transportation choices and making communities more walkable.

What Can Residents Do?

  • For short trips, consider walking or biking instead of driving.
  • Plant a rain garden, use rain barrels to collect water, or plant a tree at home, your school, or your office.
  • Support funding for parks.
  • Use low-VOC paints or products and other measures to improve indoor air quality.

Growth Management and Cooperation

Green Infrastructure

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Regional GIS Data Center

Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Tree Canopy Preservation

Inventory of Local Sustainability Policies and Programs

Freight Transportation Planning

Transportation Demand Management

Idling Reduction

Energy Efficient Residential Practices and Funding

Health Impact Assessments

Land Use Modeling

Active Living

Preserving and Building Parks

Fare-Free Transit Service

Wayfinding for Trails and Transit (Active Wayfinding)

Alternative Fuels and Energy Efficient Vehicles

Complete Streets

Clean Construction Assessment

Energy Management Plans for Public Buildings