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Grow Jobs Closer to Home

Why Is This a Priority?

Residents said that the ability to work closer to home is important, and more likely to occur when a large mix of jobs are located near diverse housing options. By supporting local business growth and workforce training, and looking for opportunities to locate housing in mixed-use and employment areas, our communities can increase the number of jobs located within a convenient distance of housing.

How Do We Get There?

  • Support regional alignment of business development and recruitment.
  • Expand education and training in the region’s target sectors.
  • Promote redevelopment and revitalization through infill.
  • Educate officials, planners, and professionals about education and workforce implications for economic development.
  • Align land use with economic development planning to support community goals and priorities.
  • Identify and resolve barriers to constructing new housing consistent with a community’s needs.

What Can Residents Do?

  • Use local businesses and services - Shop Local!
  • Use Career Headlight and other local job resources to find positions in your area
  • Talk to your employer about telecommuting or flexible work schedules

Local Food Councils

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Farm to School

Rural Transportation

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Strategic Economic Assessment Planning with Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

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Mall-Suburban Corridor Retrofits

Access to Early Childhood Education

Public Engagement Tools and Techniques

Regional GIS Data Center

Healthy Food Access Portal

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Mixed Use Development and Design Guidelines

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Brownfield/Greyfield Redevelopment Toolkit

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Educating Officials about Housing Diversity

Newcomer Community Resource Guide

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Clean Construction Assessment

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