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Support Local Farms

Why Is This a Priority?

Residents said preserving farmland and local farms is important to protect the beauty of the region and create jobs. Ensuring the economic stability and long-term viability of local farms will assure that rural areas throughout the CONNECT region continue contributing.

How Do We Get There?

  • Bring food issues to the forefront of local government.
  • Support farmers and local food production.
  • Connect residents to their food systems.
  • Address equity and access to food.
  • Foster communication and collaboration among diverse stakeholders to improve food access and distribution.
  • Conduct Additional Research to identify how residents define “local” and determine the messages and values that resonate.

What Can Residents Do?

  • Shop at stores that stock locally sourced foods
  • Visit your local farmer’s market
  • Support legislation that promotes local farms and food production

Growth Management and Cooperation

Local Food Councils

Farm to School

Regional GIS Data Center

Healthy Food Access Portal

Community Gardens

Heritage and Agri-Tourism

Land Trusts

Ken Hawkins

Voluntary Agriculture Districts

DC Greens

“Buy Local” Campaign


Conservation Development

Farm to Table

Land Use Modeling

Business and Education Training for Farmers