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Increase Housing Choices

Why Is This a Priority?

Residents said that housing choices are important to them – being able to choose from options, sizes, and price points for single-family homes, townhomes, apartments, and senior-living units. Encouraging diversity in our housing stock provides more options for people to live in communities close to work or school, as well as have options for housing at all stages of life.Perth

How Do We Get There?

  • Develop programs and resources to design and execute rehabilitation and redevelopment activities.
  • Identify and resolve barriers to constructing new housing consistent with a community’s needs.
  • Incorporate more contemporary housing and neighborhood design features with all rehab and new construction.
  • Create opportunities for a range of new housing in target areas through:
    • removal of “other vacant” dwellings not available
    • rehabilitation of existing structures
    • redevelopment of existing vacant buildings and underutilized housing

What Can Residents Do?

  • Talk to community leaders about your housing needs.
  • Encourage your local officials to support housing incentives, for example senior housing.

Regional GIS Data Center

Energy Efficient Residential Practices and Funding


Mixed Use Development and Design Guidelines

Conservation Development

Greenways and Trails Planning

Inclusionary Zoning

Land Use Modeling

Infill Development

Community-Based Housing Strategies

Educating Officials about Housing Diversity

Transit Oriented Development Incentives

Newcomer Community Resource Guide

Housing Rehabilitation

Workforce Housing Incentives

Housing Accessibility

Broadband Access